Military Banner Program

About the Program

The City of Sanger Military Banner Program was established in 2015 as a joint project with the City, Veterans Advisory Committee and the Sanger Veteran Organizations to recognize, honor, and pay tribute to our local military service personnel.  Banners honoring our brave service men and women will be proudly displayed throughout the City of Sanger as a way for our community to express our gratitude for their service to our country.  The Military Banner Program is administered and managed by and through the City Manager’s Office of the City of Sanger.  The City of Sanger Military Banner Program Guidelines provide details on how to participate in the program, including eligibility requirements and application process.  Military Banners are proudly displayed along Academy Avenue between Annadale and Church Avenues from Memorial Day through Veterans Day.

Application Period, Cost, and Deadlines 

Application Period Opens March 1, 2024

Application, fee, and Banner (if rehanging) must be delivered to Sanger City Hall, 1700 7th Street, Sanger, CA 93657, by the due date as noted below.  Participation is limited to one banner per service person.    Note: fees are subject to change without notice.  The fee for participation is determined by the cost of the banner which includes production, brackets and miscellaneous hardware, installation and removal and shall be borne by the applicant and/or sponsor.  

Checks should be made payable to: The City of Sanger. 

NEW Banner Application - Deadline April 11, 2024

The cost for participation is $225 per banner.   A New Banner Application shall be completed and submitted, in person, by appointment only call (559) 876-6300, ext. 1500, to Sanger City Hall and must be accompanied by:

  • A hard copy 5 x 7 high-resolution color or black and white photo of service member in uniform.
  • Verification of Military Status – The City of Sanger will not photocopy Military ID, but will review for verification.
  • Verification of Residency - A copy of current utility bill or driver’s license.
  • Sponsorship Form - If the application includes a Sponsor, provide Sponsor logo in a high-resolution color or black and white vector logo.
  • Application Fee.
  • Click here for New Banner Application - Coming Soon!
  • Click here for Re-Purchase Banner Application - Coming Soon!

Re-Hang Banner Application - Deadline May 1, 2024

The cost for participation and re-hanging/renewing a Military Banner is $70 per banner. Submit application, fee, and banner at Sanger City Hall.  

Click here for Re-Hang Banner Application - Coming Soon!

Note: Due to the wear of banner caused by age and weather, and for public safety, banners that have been hung for four (4) program years are not eligible to be re-hung.  However, a new banner may be purchased by completing a New Banner Application and providing the required documents and fees.  Questions call (559) 876-6300, ext. 1500. 


Military Honoree must be: (1) On active duty in one of the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces; or  (2) A veteran who was honorably discharged or given their life serving in the United States Armed Forces.  The U.S. Armed Forces include: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard.  And (3) the service member must either be a resident of the City of Sanger or have an immediate family member residing in the City of Sanger (spouse, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, son, daughter, aunt or uncle).

Proof of eligibility includes but is not limited to:  A DD 214 Form, possession of a United States Uniformed Services Privilege and Identification Card (U.S. Military ID, Geneva Conventions Identification Card, Common Access Card or USPIC or Active Military Service Organization Membership Card). 

Verification of residency:  Provide a copy of current utility bill or driver’s license in the name of the service member or applicant.

For detailed eligibility information and application process, please refer to the Military Banner Program Guidelines.

Selection Process

Applications will be accepted during the application period and reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis by the City of Sanger, City Manager’s office.  See Military Banner Program Guidelines for details.

Banner Location/Installation

Banners will be installed along Academy Avenue between Church and Annadale. The number of and specific banner locations shall be determined solely by the City of Sanger and may be revised without prior notice. Banners will be installed annually by Memorial Day and will remain on display until Veterans Day.  After the designated display period, banners will be returned to the honoree (or applicant).

Banner Styles

Banners will be designed and purchased by the City of Sanger, as determined by the City and the Sanger Veterans Advisory Committee.  This includes:  City of Sanger and logo, the name and rank of the honoree, the conflict/era and Military branch in which they served, photograph of the service member in uniform, and the name/logo of sponsor and/or family (if applicable).  Banners will be produced in full-color, double-sided, and measure 30” x 96”.


Donations may be solicited to help fund the Military Banner Program and as such, fees may be offset or reduced. Applicants may submit a Sponsorship Form at the time of application submittal to Sanger City Hall.


Donations received will be used to help offset the cost to replace and purchase new banners. Donations in support of the Military Banner Program can be sent to and payable to the “City of Sanger”:   

City of Sanger

1700 7th Street

Sanger, CA 93657

Attention: Military Banner Program