Because certain sounds at certain levels can be harmful to the health and welfare of citizens, the City has adopted a noise ordinance that prohibits excessive and annoying sounds within the city limits.

Noise Ordinance

The ordinance regulates specific times certain noise sources can be operated and defines noise limits within the city limits. The Police Department ensures that this ordinance is obeyed by responding to noise complaints throughout the community.

Events or actions may be prohibited if they cause a noise disturbance. These include:

  • Engine repair and testing
  • Excessive party noise
  • Horns and signaling devices not being used for a danger warning
  • Noisy construction equipment
  • Stereos and televisions

Reporting Violations

For an immediate response to reporting excessive noise, we recommend contacting the Police Department directly by calling 559-875-8521.

Please provide as much information to help direct the Police Officer to the appropriate location, such as the address of the home, make/model/license of the vehicle, etc.

Thanks for making the City of Sanger a wonderful place to live!