Economic Development

Economic Development is a Division in the Community Development Department that is tasked with coordinating the retention and expansion of existing businesses, and the attraction of businesses within the city. 


To that end the Economic Development Division focuses on the following activities:

  • Working with existing businesses to meet their current and future operation, financing and employment needs in order to retain them in the city, and to assist them in their interactions with local government.
  • Identifying businesses with potential for increased productivity and assisting them with realizing their expansion goals.
  • Recruiting new companies to join the Sanger business community in order to keep pace with the job demands of an increasing population, and assisting them with land identification and acquisition, new construction, permitting, financing and other issues.

Expanding / Relocating

Businesses looking to expand or relocate in Sanger should contact David Brletic, Director of Economic Development at 559-876-6300, ext. 1520 or Planning at 559-876-6300, ext. 1540.

Sanger Business Tour

Click on the video below to tour Sanger.