Class Descriptions

Water Babies

  • Ages 1 to 2 
  • Basic water introduction. The child must be accompanied in the water by an adult

Pollywog I

  • Ages 3 to 5
  • Introduction to water. Learn to submerge, other basic water skills taught

Pollywog II

  • Ages 4 to 6
  • Prerequisite; submerse on command. Pre-beginner skills taught, etc.


  • Prerequisite; swim in prone position with face in the water. Crawl stroke taught, etc.

Advanced Beginner

  • Prerequisite, swim crawl stroke effectively in deep water; other strokes taught, etc.

Competitive Strokes

  • Prerequisite, crawl stroke and deep water skills. Designed for those interested in a swim team

Private (One-on-One)

  • All ages and abilities
  • Individualized instruction based on ability and needs of the student