Fire Inspections - Business Locations

The Sanger Fire Department inspects all fire permitted businesses to detect fire hazards in accordance with the fire code. Requirements for a permit for your business are determined when you pay for your business license.

Business Self-Inspection Program

The sanger Fire Department has implemented a business self-inspection program. see the link below. 

BSAFE Business Self-Inspection Program

Schedule an Inspection

To schedule a fire inspection for new or existing businesses or questions regarding fire inspections, please contact the Community Risk Reduction Bureau at 559-876-6389 or Rolinda Hernandez, Administrative Secretary, by calling 559-875-6568. You can also email the Community Risk Reduction Bureau.

Questions Regarding Inspections

For questions regarding fire inspections, please contact Captain Greg DuPuis at 559-875-6568.

You can email the Fire Department directly as well.

Fire Department Master Fee Schedule