Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors Save Lives

It is important to test smoke detectors once a month and replace the battery at least once a year. If your smoke detectors are making a chirping sound, it generally means the battery needs replacing. If you are having problems with your smoke detector even after you have tried replacing the batteries or would like to have them inspected by fire personnel, please contact the Fire Department at 559-875-6568. You may also submit a request.

Apartment Communities

The City of Sanger requires the owners/managers of apartment communities to provide working smoke detectors devices when tenants move in. However, it is up to the tenant to ensure the smoke detector device continues to work.

Smoke Detectors Provided by the Fire Department

If you do not have a smoke detector, cannot afford one, or if you have a smoke detector that doesn't work, the Sanger Fire Department may be able to provide one to you at no cost. You may contact the Department or request a free smoke detector.