Animal Control

Our Animal Control Division provides protection for the health and safety of citizens and their pets in the City of Sanger.


Animal Control is responsible for responding to calls involving animals which include:

  • Animal bites
  • Barking dog, nuisance cats, and other animals that present a problem in the community
  • Injured animals
  • Neglect, cruelty and suspected animal abuse
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Stray Animals

To report stray animals, please contact the Police Department by calling 559-875-8521. If the animal is wearing an identification tag, please feel free to contact the owner directly.

Accessing the Kennel

The Sanger Police Department kennel is accessible by appointment only with the Animal Control Officer (ACO). The ACO is on duty Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For services please call 559-875-8521.

Animal Adoption

The Animal Services Division attempts to find caring and safe homes for animals available for adoption. Animal adoption is a serious responsibility and residents are encouraged to understand the commitment required to care for an animal. 

Adoption Day

The third Saturday of every month is Adoption Day.

Adoption Fees - Dogs

Service Fee
Adoption Fee $100
Broad Spectrum Vaccine Included
Leash (depending on availability)
Microchip Included
Rabies Vaccine Included
Spay/Neuter Fee Included
Total Adoption Fee