Chief's Message

Silver RodriguezWelcome to the Sanger Police Department (PD) website. The men and women of the Sanger PD are committed to the delivery of excellent quality services to residents, business owners and visitors in the community. As we strive to combat crime and other public safety issues, we rely on our partnership and support from the community. As the police cannot be everywhere, we rely on an involved community to be our eyes and ears and promptly report criminal and suspicious activity.

I hope this website will provide information that will be useful to you. It will be a work in progress, with the goal of providing residents or other interested persons, information about the Police Department and our operations, crime reporting and a means to assist you with your needs. A well informed and educated citizenry is better prepared to assist the Police Department and can be active participants in improving the quality of life and safety in the Sanger community.

Your feedback and comments about the Police Department are always welcomed and will serve to improve our efforts to serve you.


Silver Rodriguez, Chief of Police